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Step 1: Login to the domain registrar where you
registered your domain and change your nameservers
to: ns13.hostjett.com and ns21.hostjett.com

Please Note: If you aren't sure how to change
your nameservers you can send us your login and
we can change them for you. Or you can look up your
domain registrar on Youtube for a tutorial video on
how to update the nameservers.

Step 2:  If  you bought through our main website, you will receive
an email with your cpanel login. Use those credentials to login to
your server.

If you bought through Warrior Plus we will have to manually setup your
server for you. We just need the domain name you plan to use. You can
email our support.

If you need help with anything please email us at:

Thanks again!

Host Jett Team

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